We have just added several new analog rack items to the lineup. This is different than conventional mastering, since it will be controlled with client participation. Several of the rack gear models can be "remote controlled" directly by the client. Several SDI remote cameras are enabled and can be used by the client to see all of the action and input the decisions to choose and control the process. The client will hear all of the results in real time high definition audio and communicate with the engineer.

In the last 30 days we have added lots of gear to the studio. This should comply with level 1 mastering. These are all new analog rack additions.

Elysia Alpha Compressor
Elysia MusEQ
Manley Slam mastering edition
SSL Fusion
SSL "The Bus" 2
API 2500
API 5500
Emperical Labs Fatso
Empirical Labs Distressor (Brittish mod matched pair)
Chandler Curve Bender Mastering edition
Wes Audio Ng Bus
Bettermaker Mastering EQ
Bettermaker Mastering Compressor
Bettermaker Mastering Limiter

These are in addition to the gear that was previously installed :
(2x) Manley VoxBox matched pair with Pultec EQ
Eventide Orville Master Effects
Avalon 737A tube pre with "baby face" modification
Manley Massive Passive mastering
Manley VariMu mastering
Neve Portico Master Bus Processor MBP
ShadowHills Master bus Processor

In addition a new Flock 192LT Ematrix summing switcher was installed along with the Anatal 256 point summing router with remote control. (4x) SDI remote 4k cameras which can remotely capture all of the studio activity with streaming

Latest addition to our gear. Mastering Pultecs. There is nothing else to compare to these rack units. They have a special effect for low end audio content and a high end sheen which cannot be duplicated elsewhere. Factory matched. Sequential serial numbers.

Here is the West rack side car. Top unit is the API5500 EQ, next down is the Chandler CurveBender. Next down is the Fatso By Empirical Labs multi saturator unit; then next down is a matched pair of Empirical Labs Distressors with the Brittish mod - These are sequential serial numbers. Next to botton is the SSL The Bus+ with side chain enabled. On the bottom is the SSL Fusion also with programmable side chain enabled.

The East side car with Manley Slam on top, then the API2500. Under that is the Elysia MusEQ, then the Elysia Alpha compressor. On the bottom is the Liaison by Dangerous mastering routing switcher.

Here is the WesAudio NG buss rack plus the 3 Bettermaker mastering matched units. (Mastering EQ - Mastering Compressor and the Mastering Limiter) Everything here is remote controllable by the client directly within the session. The Bettermaker units are designed and manufactured in Poland.

This is our Manley VoxBox matched pair duo with 2 bus insert on the Pultec style EQ and the ELOP compression.

This is our video processing equipment that provides the live images for the client. The roland VR-50HD and the right one is our I.P. video position controller with presets.

Avalon VT737 tube preamp and processor. The next is Eventide Orville Harmonizer. The bottom is the Neve Dante 8 channel audio preamp.

The top Manley rack unit is the Massive Passive rack (by Manley). The next one down is the VariMu (also a manley unit). The bottom one is the Neve MBP Master Bus Processor.

This is Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor.

The ANATAL is the coveted 256 point electronic patch bay from The Netherlands. It creates the universal patch atmosphere so that all hardware is available with instant preset ability and total recall for future reference. Next down is the TC Electronic 96K Finalizer. This is a vintage unit with a unique channel strip built for mastering. The next down is the AC Infinity. There are several of these built into the racks for temperature and power control. Next is the Lynx Aurora (n) converters for the A/D and D/A conversion. All Dante controlled. Below that is the Cisco managed router for all of the Dante routing and studio audio patching for monitoring, etc.

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