Live Entertainment

Live entertainment using the best sound equipment on the planet.

Equipment Inventory

Featuring the KARA2 from L'Acoustics Line Array

Live Event Streaming

Details coming about the streaming services we have available. 4 camera switching with full crew.

Live Lighting Production

Available with or without the sound production. DMX switcher with ChamSys realtime control. Automation and programmable track events.

Remote Sound Truck.

On-site multitrack recording of events or concerts.

Remote Video Truck.

Live video switching and uploading

L-Acoustics Joins the New Drive-In and Drive-Up Concert Format - L-AcousticsL-Acoustics A15 and KS21 take the stage in SEA | Pro AVL CentralToday's install here in snowy Ohio. 20 boxes of L'Acoustics Kara I-2's, 6  SB18's and 4 KS28's. Plus ARCS WIFO delays/Fills and X8 Front Fills. :  livesound

Music Tracks Produced from AbiAngelProductions

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About Us

We are all about production. The namesake for the company is Abi "Angel" Stafford (1988-2006) A talented performer whose life ended too soon. Her request was that we continue along the same lines that we started during her life. I will add to this story here as time permits.