* Participate in your own mastering, in real time while you watch and hear the transformation with HQ audio at your location anywhere in the world.

* Use the most popular analog gear currently available, approve the enhancements, decide the outcome of the session during the actual mastering process.

* Watch the process unfold in real time and see the metering as it changes the EQ response and LUFS in reference to your existing projects (or a popular project via a reference track)

* Try unlimited combinations of series, parallel, or even series/parallel with instant A/B comparisons of rack mastering gear. Develop your own signature mastering routing.

* Save unlimited templates with your own sets of gear combinations with instant recall for future projects.

* Work one-on-one with an experienced mastering engineer to apply the changes to your project. Make the decisions or confer with the engineer to get suggestions based on experience and expertise. Get reasonable rate quotes. Services start at 10 USD.

* See the process from multiple SDI high quality cameras along with images from a quad screen setup and mastering metering.

* Get your low or medium sample rate audio files upgraded for your own mastering or to use during the session using the "pitch-catch" method up to 192k without using a computer algorithm to make the transition. (preventing rounding errors and distortions from direct conversions) Two computers using independent HQ converters for perfect sample rate changes on site. (you can use this service alone for 10 USD per stereo track, up to 10 minutes length) Sample down grading possible without dithering required.

* Discuss your vision for mastering your tracks at no charge for the consultation. No obligation to purchase any services. Get a quick idea on what the results would be with a short A/B comparison of your choice of gear. No high pressure sales here.

* Watch your engineer/assistant and pause the process in real time in order to make changes or ask for an opinion. If you are familiar with the gear and the process you can be totally in charge. If you are somewhat less familiar you can ask for suggestions and then listen to the results. This is your session so you have the final say in what transpires. You can use your ears to determine if it is helping your vision of the project.

--- Use the contact template to make arrangements for a no charge orientation session.

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